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10 Car Cleaning Tips that are Pure Genuius!

1. For those foggy and grimy headlights, just apply a thin layer of toothpaste to clean them up almost instantly! Apply the toothpaste, rub it thoroughly with a cloth, and then rinse the lens off. Repeat this as necessary to get your headlight clean again.

2. Get one of those cheap foam brushes that are used for painting and then keep it in your car. Whenever the vents get dirty or clogged, just whip out the brush and clean the vents out. It’s super easy and virtually free.

3. Magic Erasers are called magic for a reason, and they can even be great in the car. For those sticky spills and messes, just use a magic eraser to clean them up. Anything from sticky soda stains to dried on ice cream will vanish under the Magic Eraser.

4. A really cheap and quick way to fix any small scratches in your car is to use nail polish. Yeah, it sounds weird, and if the scratch is big or in a noticeable spot then you’ll want to get it professionally fixed, but for small scratches, just find a nail polish that matches and go to town!

5. Dirt easily gets stuck in vinyl parts of the car. You don’t need to worry about needing a deep clean for that, though. Just put some soapy water on the spot and rub it with a toothbrush. A few minutes of some cleaning should get the dirt right out.

6. Just a little bit of olive oil can make the leather on your dashboard look brand new again! Dip a raga lightly in olive oil and run it over the dashboard. This both conditions and cleans the leather to make it look great again.

7. Do you love traveling with your pet in the car but can’t stand the excess hair all over the place? No worries, you can get rid of the hair while keeping the pet. Just use a spray bottle to lightly dampen the seats and then a squeegee to gather all the hair together.

8. Depending on the mats in your car, this can be an easy way to clean them. If fabric and washable, take them out of the car, spray them with a stain remover, and then throw them in the washer! The machine does all the work for you in half the time.

9. While you should be replacing your windshield wipers periodically (especially if you can’t see at all), here’s a tip to help reduce the smear. Wipe down the blades carefully with rubbing alcohol and that should stop them from smearing as bad as they were before.

10. After a long road trip, it can be pretty frustrating to try and clean the bugs off the front of your grille. However, one way that is supposed to work really well is using dryer sheets. With some elbow grease, rub the smeared bugs with a dryer sheet and they should come right off.

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